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Day and night in Reykjavik

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commissioned work Acrylic on canvas / 2014)

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Title: King Park
Artist: La Dispute


La Dispute

King Park

I felt the burden of murder, it shook the earth to the core.
Felt like the world was collapsing. Then we heard him speak,
"Can I still get into heaven if I kill myself?

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I Can’t Tell You Until I’m Not Afraid Of Hell Anymore


we take your mom’s wine to your bedroom         you ask if you look okay
is everyone always this nervous, is your
inner monologue an angel burning too

stay away from me I don’t feel real all the time
but with you I forget everything is arbitrary
I watched you too closely, shy sixteen, sophomore
Book-Eater Meets Soccer Team Slut
scaling the chainlink fence onto the football field
We tried beer                                               I watched you too closely
I hoped you got drunker than me & I watched you too closely
Kiss me & we are momentary thieves & I will quiet the burning angels
Tomorrow morning somehow, banshee aching in the dark, leaves
hissing along the sidewalk. I kick them as we walk so
I can focus on something other than looking at you.
I can’t tell if I’m religious or not
I took pictures of you as if I was joking & kept them
in my underwear drawer. You say in the dark at a sleepover
that I should put my sleeping bag next to yours. What is this
bizarre happy escalator steeling
up my viscera. Railing up & down & everyone falling off
in a good way, like into a ball pit. I don’t know
if I’m afraid of God but               it feels like I should decide now
I whisper in the dark I haven’t had a crush on a boy since the 3rd grade
You say ‘what do you mean’              I lie a lot about so many things.
I don’t keep track anymore.
I ask about your boyfriend. Have nightmares about him in a car crash only
Because I don’t like thinking about you reacting, you sobbing as proof
He means something to you. I don’t want anyone to mean
Anything to you. I have never been this selfish before.
Infinite madness            you make me do everything I do
That I don’t like                        
I have carried you home from the party before & I will
Do it again & I will pretend
You only pass out because you like
When I hold you this way.

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okay yeah im not going back up to school today i feel so weird and i don’t trust myself to drive like this i probably shouldn’t even have been driving earlier but w/e

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